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Proposed and Pending Actions

The official code of rules, regulations, and procedures for the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) and Medicaid are on the RI Secretary of State’s website. Below is a list of EOHHS proposed  and pending rulemaking actions. All documents are in pdf format. 

Public Notice

Notice and Proposed Rule  End of Public Comment Period
Public Notice of Proposed Rule 210-RICR-50-10-2
Proposed Rule 210-RICR-50-10-2 Self-Directed
Public Notice of Proposed Rulemaking 40-00-3
Proposed Rule - 210-RICR-40-00-3 Medicaid Integrated Health Care Coverage, SSI Financial Eligibility Determinations 

MCO Measures, Reporting Attestation Form, Dental, MMP Duals, MCO, MMCQS


Proposed Rule-210-RICR-40-10-1 Medicaid for Elders and Adults with Disabilities Managed Care


Proposed Rule-210-RICR-40-00-3 Medicaid Integrated Health Care Coverage, SSI Financial Eligibility Determinations


Proposed Rule-210-RICR-30-05-3 Rite Share Premium Assistance Program


Annual State Application - Early Intervention - Part C


SSI Financial Eligibility Determinations

Medicaid Section 0380: Resources Generally 10/29/2018
Medicaid Section 0384: Resource Transfers 10/29/2018 
Medicaid Section 0386: Income Generally  10/29/2018
Medicaid Section 0388: Treatment of Income 10/29/2018 
Medicaid Section 0382: Evaluation of Resources 10/29/2018 
SSI-Related Coverage Groups 10/29/2018 
Medicaid LTSS: Financial Eligibility 10/29/2018 
Overview of RI Medicaid and CHIP 9/17/2018 
Appeals Process and Procedures 9/6/2018 
Medicaid LTSS: Personal Needs Funds in Facilities and AL Residences  9/10/2018
Medicaid Managed Care Service Delivery Arrangements 9/6/2018 
Transportation Services 9/5/2018
Community Medicaid: Medically Needy Eligibility 8/6/2018 
Flexible Test of Income 8/6/2018
Medicaid LTSS: Medically Needy Eligibility Pathway 8/6/2018 
Medicaid for Working Adults with Disabilities 8/10/2018 
Medicaid LTSS: Institutional 7/27/2018
Medicaid LTSS: HBCS 7/27/2018 
Medicaid LTSS: Functional/Clinical Eligibility 7/27/2018 
Global Consumer Choice Waiver-Repeal 7/27/2018 
Specific Waiver Programs-Repeal 7/27/2018 
Institutional Care-Repeal 7/27/2018 
Waiver Programs and Provisions 6/18/2018 
Post-Eligibility Treatment of Income 6/18/2018 
Medicaid LTSS: Post-Eligibility Treatment of Income 6/18/2018 
Medicaid LTSS: Involuntary Discharge from a LTC Facility 6/1/2018 

Please check the RI Secretary of State’s website for the final rules and regulations for EOHHS and Medicaid. 


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