RI Medicaid Program: State Plan Amendments and Section 1115 Waiver Demonstration Category Changes

The RI Medicaid State Plan (MSP) and the State’s Medicaid Section 1115 waiver demonstration provide the legal authority required under federal law to operate the Medicaid program;

  • The MSP is a document that serves as a contract between the State and the federal government that delineates Medicaid eligibility standards, provider requirements, payment methods, and health benefit packages. A Medicaid State Plan is submitted by each state and is approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
  •  The RI Section 1115 waiver constitutes the legal authority granted to the State by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Section 1115 waiver provides the State with the flexibility to pursue innovations that improve health care access, quality and outcomes and further the goals of the Medicaid and CHIP Programs.  The terms and conditions of the State’s Section 1115 waiver act as a contract that establishes the scope of the State’s flexibility under federal law relative to the MSP.   

Should the State makes changes to the Medicaid program that affect eligibility, the amount, duration, or scope of services; payment methodoligies; or delivery systems alterations must be made to the MSP and/or the Section 1115 waiver in accordance with procedures established under federal law. State Plan Amednments alter the MSP while Category Changes update the Section 1115 waiver. The two change documents operate in similar manners.

Recent MSP and Section 1115 waiver amendments are available below:

Type of Amednment  Purpose Notice to Submit Effective Date
 SPA Rate Reduction for Incontinence Supplies   4/24/2015  
 SPA Elimination of Children's Health Insurance Program Premiums   1/21/2015  
 SPA  Standards for State Supplemental Payments  2/15/2015  
 SPA Increase in Home Equity Limit for Long-Term Care   2/15/2015  
SPA   Medically Needy Income Limit  2/15/2015
 SPA Medically Needy Benefit Alignment   1/23/2015  
MSP   Disproportinate Hosptial Share Policy  5/21/2014  
 Waiver Change Comprehensive Quality Strategy for 1115 Medicaid Demonstration   3/2014  
 MSP Presumptive Eligibility by Hospitals  2/25/2014  
 MSP Coverage of Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, and Smoking Cessation Drugs  2/28/2014  
 MSP Transportation  3/3/2014  
 MSP  Standards for Optional State Supplementary Payments  3/12/2014  
 MSP  Medically Needy Income Limit  3/12/2014  
 MSP  Increase in Home Equity Limit for Long-Term Care
 MSP  Single State Agency  12/12/2013  1/1/2014
 MSP State Residency Requirements  12/12/2013  1/1/2014





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