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What is Healthcare Workforce Transformation?

Rhode Island, like all states, is striving to achieve the “triple aim” of better care, healthier people, and smarter spending in our health system. To make progress towards these ambitious goals, RI will need to train, deploy, and support a workforce that is prepared with new skills to work in new ways that will achieve better results while controlling costs.

The EOHHS Healthcare Workforce Transformation initiative is working to answer the following questions for Rhode Island:

  • How are healthcare jobs changing and what new skills does our healthcare workforce need to keep up?    
  • What do educators and students need to know about the health care jobs of the future?  
  • How can healthcare providers partner with schools to create a well-prepared talent pipeline?
  • How can policy-makers and payers support healthcare workforce innovations that will improve the health of Rhode Islanders?

Healthcare Workforce Transformation Report and Summit


In May 2017, EOHHS published its first-ever Healthcare Workforce Transformation Report, followed in June by the EOHHS Healthcare Workforce Transformation Summit

Together, these efforts enlisted hundreds of healthcare colleagues to identify priorities and strategies to prepare, deploy, and support Rhode Island’s healthcare workforce to help achieve the state’s vision for health system transformation.


Healthcare Workforce Transformation Priorities

Build Healthcare Career Pathways to Develop Skills That Matter for Jobs That Pay (click to read more)

Prepare Rhode Islanders from culturally and linguistically diverse background for existing and emerging good jobs in careers in healthcare through expanded career awareness, job training and education, and advancement opportunities.

Expand Home and Community-Based Care (click to read more)

Increase the capacity of community-based providers to offer culturally competent care and services in the home and community, and reduce unnecessary utilization of high-cost institutional or specialty care. 

Teach Core Concepts of Health System and Practice Transformation (click to read more)

Increase the capacity of the current and future workforce to understand and apply core concepts of health system and practice transformation.


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