Greetings from the Secretary

Everyone deserves the chance to make it in Rhode Island and live a safe, healthy, happy life. It’s easier to make it here when we all have access to high-quality, affordable health and social services. And it’s easier for businesses to invest here if Rhode Island can offer predictable healthcare costs.

At the Executive Office of Health and Human Services, we are committed to driving better coordination, quality and value across all of our state’s public health and social service agencies. Taken together, these agencies will impact the lives of virtually every Rhode Islander at some point in time – either directly, through the provision of services and benefits, or indirectly, by helping to ensure that the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the communities where we live are safe and healthy.

We are focused on innovating – across our departments and our entire healthcare system – to improve outcomes, strengthen communities, and provide better value for all Rhode Islanders, including our most vulnerable neighbors. And it’s working.

Over the past year, at Governor Raimondo's direction we’ve achieved more than $70 million in state Medicaid savings without cutting eligibility for the one in four Rhode Islanders enrolled in the program. (more) We’ve built a strong foundation for wider reform that drives our entire healthcare system to pay for outcomes and value, not volume. We’ve moved quickly to address inherited challenges at our Department of Children, Youth and Families and at Eleanor Slater Hospital to achieve better results for some of the most vulnerable children and patients in the state. And we’ve introduced a strategic plan to reduce deaths from opioid-related drug overdoses by one-third within three years.

We’ve also achieved national recognition for our work. Our RIte Care program is ranked as the nation’s top Medicaid program for children and families, our uninsured rate has fallen to 5 percent, one of the lowest in the U.S., and America’s Health Rankings list Rhode Island as the 14th healthiest state in the U.S., number one in immunizations for teens, and among the top six states for health policy.

We will continue to build on these strengths as we work to expand opportunity for Rhode Islanders and make our agencies more responsive to the people we serve. We encourage you to make your voices heard in this process.


Elizabeth Roberts
Secretary of Health and Human Services






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