Dental Services

The RI Medicaid Program provides publicly funded dental services to all beneficiaries. If you are a Medicaid beneficiary, coverage of dental services will be provided to you through one of three EOHHS dental programs serving people of different ages and/or care needs: RIte Smiles, Medicaid Dental Care, or Carelink.

RIte Smiles
RIte Smiles is a dental plan for children who are eligible for RI Medicaid who were born after May 1, 2000.   

Find A Dentist - to find a dentist who participates with the RIte Smiles Program, check the website- United Healthcare Dental/RIte Smiles

For more information, please call: United Healthcare Dental/RIte Smiles, Member Services at 1-866-375-3257.

Medicaid Dental Care
Medicaid Dental Care covers adult beneficiaries who are not in nursing homes and all children receiving Medicaid who were born before the May 1, 2000 cut off for RIte Smiles.  

Find A Dentist

  • Dental Providers Accepting Medicaid Dental Care (English) PDF (Spanish) PDF
  • To find a Dentist or Dental Specialist in private practice, see Provider Search.  Select "Dentist" under the "Type of Service" category, then click on "Find Provider" to get a list of Dentists and Dental Specialists.
    Please note:  The list on the website includes dentists who may have accepted Medicaid coverage in the past.  Dentists on this list may not be accepting Medicaid coverage currently.  Please call to find out if they accept Medicaid coverage.

Carelink Dental Services

CareLink provides mobile dental services to residents of nursing homes who have Medicaid coverage.  To qualify, a resident of a nursing home has to have been in the nursing home for 45 days.  See the Wisdom Tooth PDF flyer for more information.

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