A CEDARR Family Center  provides information and referral about the services and support options available for all children enrolled in Medicaid who have disabilities and special needs.  With CEDARR Family Centers, a family can:

  • Learn more about their child’s disability or condition;
  • Find out how to address their child’s needs now and in the future;
  • Locate resources in the community;
  • Get information on a range of services and treatment options; and/or
  • Connect with other families who have had similar experiences.

CEDARR Services also include:

Home Based Therapeutic Services (HBTS) are specialized, intensive services and treatment provided according to an approved individualized treatment plan. HTBS is available in a child’s home or other age-appropriate community setting. Ongoing parent participation is required to maximize what is learned during treatment. One of the goals of HBTS is to enable a child to participate more in the family and community by helping to improve communication and behavioral, psychosocial and developmental skills.

KIDS CONNECT provides specialized services at licensed childcare centers that help children with disabilities and special needs participate, play and learn along with their typically-developing peers. Licensed childcare centers and after-school care programs contract with the State to provide KIDS CONNECT services.

Personal Assistance Services and Supports (PASS) assists children with disabilities and special needs and their families with daily life skills. PASS focuses on improving a child’s safety skills as well as the ability to accomplish the activities of daily life and participate in social situations. Services are provided in the child’s home or community setting by a direct support worker. Families may choose who is hired to work with their child and how PASS is delivered. Parents/ guardians can find their own direct support worker with assistance from a certified PASS agency. Families are responsible for the training and supervision of their direct support worker.

The Respite Program for Children allows parents/guardians for a child with disabilities and special needs to take time off from caregiving. To qualify for this service, the child must need an institutional level of care – that is, the type of care typically provided in a health facility such as a hospital, nursing home or Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded (ICF/MR). Other factors affecting whether parents/guardians can access this service include, but are not limited to: the severity of the child’s condition, the intensity of services the child requires, the child’s functional daily living skills, safety and safety awareness, and the needs of the family. Parents/ guardians will be required to find their own respite worker but assistance is available from certified agencies.

There is a free online resource that can help families find appropriate PASS and respite workers. 

CEDARR Family Center PDF services are available statewide.

Contact one near you:

About Families
Pawtucket (401) 365-6855 or 1-877-451-1046

Empowered Families
Cranston (401) 383-3669 or 1-888-881-6380

Families First
335 R Prairie Ave, Suite 1A, Providence,  RI  02905
(401) 444-7703

Solutions CEDARR
Providence (401) 461-4351 or 1-800-640-7283

Medicaid Early, Periodic, Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT). If medically necessary, all children enrolled in Medicaid from birth to age 21 may qualify for additional health services and supports through the EPSDT benefit.  Under the EPSDT Medicaid benefit, children with Medicaid coverage are eligible for preventive and routine health care as well as medically necessary specialized care or services.  The goal of EPSDT is to identify and treat health conditions early to promote normal growth and development. EPSDT services, since they include preventive services, are available at a child's regular visit with his or her doctor.  In some cases, where special health care needs are identified, additional services may be available.

Katie Beckett is a special Medicaid eligibility program for children with serious, chronic disability conditions.


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